Day 9, report in!

Midi-scale X-wing, standing by! Man, I really wish I’d had more time for this one. I think I spent about three-quarters of my spare time yesterday fiddling with the rear half, and then I had to sort of thrown on the front half. I already had a little experience from reverse-engineering the prototype Midi-X-wing from the Yavin IV set, so that helped, but I’m not totally happy with the nose.

Oh, yes, and the wing opening mechanism was shamelessly stolen (and compacted) from fallenangel.

Download the LXF here.


About Brickdoctor

Brickdoctor has been a fan of LEGO for as long as he can remember, and his primary interests are Star Wars, Castle, LDD, and Trains. In addition to blogging with EB's Star Wars Forum Blog, he is a Star Wars Regulator and a Reviewers Academy Teacher on EB.

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