On EB, members have been discussing how expensive 10179 is nowadays. Some of them have shown us how they Bricklink the individual parts to put one together with significant savings. jasonsmith, however, has gone the extra mile and installed a complete system of lighting in his Falcon. That’s not unheard of, but what is impressive is that he took the time to make this a completely purist solution, using only lights made by LEGO. Just look at the light streaming out onto the landing struts and out of the boarding hatch: combined with jasonsmith’s excellent photography, it gives an incredible effect to the complete look of the Falcon.


About Brickdoctor

Brickdoctor has been a fan of LEGO for as long as he can remember, and his primary interests are Star Wars, Castle, LDD, and Trains. In addition to blogging with EB's Star Wars Forum Blog, he is a Star Wars Regulator and a Reviewers Academy Teacher on EB.

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