As you might expect, we as fans of a specific theme have our own language. And as fans of two themes, LEGO and Star Wars, we frequently speak using the terms of both. So, here’s a short glossary of some of the terms we use:

ABS – Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. Plastic used to make the majority of LEGO elements.

AFOL – Adult Fan of LEGO. Fairly self-explanatory.

A New Hope – Star Wars, Episode 4. Also referred to as ANH, Ep. 4, or just Star Wars.

Attack of the Clones – Star Wars, Episode 2. Also referred to as AotC or Ep. 2.

BPP – Big Pointless Piece

Brick – Your standard LEGO element. Technically not interchangeable with other terms like ‘plate’, but we use it that way anyways. Bricks come in many flavors, like ‘Brick Modified’ and ‘Slope Brick’. See Bricklink for more.

BURP – Big Useless Rock Piece

Canon – Anything confirmed by an official source to have taken place in the Star Wars galaxy.

CW – Clone Wars [period of Star Wars, also refers to the TV show from 2008]

Element – In LEGO terms, this refers to any single non-modified LEGO piece.

The Empire Strikes Back – Star Wars, Episode 5. Also referred to as ESB, Ep. 5, or Empire.

EU – Expanded Universe [of Star Wars]

Fanon – combination of ‘fan’ and ‘canon’. Refers to anything made-up by a fan for the Star Wars Universe.

FOL – Fan of LEGO

JFOL – Junior Fan of LEGO

KFOL – Kid Fan of LEGO

LURP – Little Useless Rock Piece

NPU – Nice Parts Usage

The Phantom Menace – Star Wars, Episode 1. Also referred to as TPM, or Ep. 2.

Return of the Jedi – Star Wars, Episode 6. Also referred to as RotJ, Ep. 6, or Jedi.

Revenge of the Sith – Star Wars, Episode 3. Also referred to as RotS, Ep. 3, or Sith.

SNIR – Studs Not In Row

SNOT – Studs Not on Top. Possibly the most important LEGO technique ever to grace our lumps of ABS.

TFOL – Teen Fan of LEGO

TLG – The LEGO Company. The makers of that which is dear to our hearts.

YFOL – Young Fan of LEGO


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