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Founder, Admin

‘Doc’ manages the technical aspects of the site and only blogs every now and then.

Masked Builder


‘Masked’ is a veteran blogger who helps out with (what else?) blogging.



‘Mood’ is usually pretty busy with the non-LEGO aspects of his life, but he’s a quality fan who will try to blog whenever he gets the chance.


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  1. MDSWIM says:

    Hey, Doc! I guess this is where I sign up? The e-mail I’m using is .

    EDIT: You probably don’t want that e-mail being flashed to everyone who visits this page. 🙂 -Doc

    • Brickdoctor says:

      You need a WordPress account. (either that or you haven’t activated the one you signed up for) Not just the email you enter to post a comment, a full fledged account. (just without a blog) WordPress is telling me you don’t have one yet.

      Just for any viewers out there, I invited Moodswim to join me in this blogging venture. 🙂

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