Brickdoctor is an avid fan of what he likes to call ‘The Golden Age of LEGO Star Wars’, that is, the days when minifigs didn’t look like action figures, sets weren’t covered in stickers and flick-fire missles, and boxes had more alternate build suggestions than advertisements. Brickdoctor blogged a lot when the site started up, but now that Masked is on board, he’s content to play with the technical stuff instead.
On building styles:
“I love SNOT. I love the smooth lines and complicated shapes it can make. Right now, I’m in the middle of a project to redo many iconic OT craft with SNOT. I also am a firm believer in illegal connections, as they are called. Sometimes I spend an entire day just fiddling with them to create fantastic new details or shapes.”
On LEGO sets:
“Obviously, I like the older sets better, but I still buy plenty of new sets to feed my need for LEGO and grow my collection. I’m an MOCer, though, so I always end up scrapping my sets to get the pieces.”
On LEGO minifigures:
“I may like the classics better, but I have my own fair share of new minifigs. They just don’t get used that much. As for army building, well, I like variety over quantity. Since I usually only build small stuff, it works out to have many different minifigs and not a ton of one.”
Interests other than LEGO:
“Computers are a big thing for me. Image-editing is a personal favorite of mine. I enjoy video gaming as well, albeit I play much less than your average gamer. RTS Games are my favs. Nothing more satisfactory than strategically deploying hundreds of troops. I do read a lot as well. Mostly sci-fi.”
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