Masked Builder

Masked is a veteran WordPress blogger. Brickdoctor would much prefer to fiddle with coding and graphics,  so he’s content to leave blogging to Masked. Masked is not as fanatic about the Classic Star Wars era as some  are, but he admits that the sets of that era were pretty interesting. There’s hope for him yet.
On building styles:
“I think my building style is a bit different than most people would expect, as I try to incorporate as many building styles, SNOT, illegal connections etc, into my MOCs. While I will build a bit of everything I think Star Wars is my favorite theme of all.”
On LEGO sets:
“Like Brickdoctor, I’m not a fan of stickers and I’m tired of seeing flick-fire missiles in every set. The good old days of Star Wars had some interesting sets.”
On LEGO minifigs:
“The minifigures are becoming more and more detailed; this isn’t a bad thing if you ask me but having more than one version of a character is starting to drive me crazy, as I’m collecting the Star Wars minifigures. I really like what Lego has done to the Star Wars aliens now because they’re very detail and quite accurate.”
Interests other than LEGO:
“I like photography, general building, I’m considering becoming an engineer, I read a lot, mostly fiction books. I also play guitair in a band; I play tennis, and do some video gaming, mostly Lego games, though do play some other Sci-Fi stuff.”


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