Moodswim (who stylizes his screen name as ‘M<0><0>DSWIM’) is decidedly a fanon builder. Whether it be CHIBI characters or Mecha-Transformers, he gives it flair and applies it to LEGO in his signature way. Brickdoctor describes it as “building LEGO to look like LEGO, as opposed to building LEGO to look like something else. Think impressionism instead of realism.”
On building styles:
“I would describe my building style as “unique”. I look at what other builders are doing and try to build something completely different.”
On LEGO sets:
“I like today’s sets for the fact that, with each new version, they’re looking more and more like the “real thing”. The only thing I don’t like about the new sets is increased prices for less pieces.”
On LEGO minifigures:
“I like the newer figs, again, because they look more like the characters in the movies. I still get nostalgic looking at my old yellow figs, though.”
Interests other than LEGO:
“As well as being a Lego artist, I enjoy photography, sculpture, and music. I’m a vocalist/multi-instrumentalist who writes and records my own cd’s (I’ve recorded 7 complete albums).”
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