Q: What exactly is the definition of Classic Star Wars?

A: Classic Star Wars in short refers to LEGO Star Wars sets produced from 1999-2004. They’re characterized by yellow-skinned people (save one certain con artist), older colors, printed parts, and lack of flick-fire missiles. However, for the purpose of furthering the cause of Classic Star Wars in this new era, we like to think of it as old minifigs equipped with modern ships. Therefore, bley pieces and the like are perfectly acceptable, provided the crews appear to be classic minifigs.

Q: So what then defines a Classic Star Wars minifig?

A: Mostly the face. No fleshies and preferably no pupils. Chrome lightsaber hilts are always nice. Everything else can be modernized. Think classic Luke face with 2010 Rebel Pilot outfit; chrome lightsaber hilt with new trans-regular-blue blade.

Q: Do you blog only Classic Star Wars?

A: No. Anything Star Wars goes. It just won’t be tagged as a Classic Star Wars post.


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